Phoenix Independent Study

    1979 - 2014 Engaging student learning      

with an individual approach  


Instructors:             Laura Precoda @ CHS  (GED Prep)  Karen Higdon @ GHHS    Lucinda Almond @ ECVHS      Thomas Schroeder @ ECHS                                         
                                                                          Robert Maines @ WHHS     William Watzke @ GHS         

Phoenix Independent Study
Program Description

Phoenix Independent Study is a voluntary program targeted to serve students who are having difficulty in the traditional high school setting.  Reasons for placement are varied and include academic choice, individual necessity, economic necessity, inability to adjust to regular school, pregnancy/child care, sporadic attendance, and transferring from a similar academic environment.  Independent Study (I.S.) most successfully serves tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grade students and requires self-motivation and the ability to work individually.

GED Prep is offered to 17 1/2 year old students who are far short in credits in preparation for the GED exam.

At a minimum, an eighth grade reading level is necessary for independent study entrance. The CAT5 (vocabulary and reading sections) is encouraged prior to entry as a tool to establish reading levels.


Educational Opportunities - Options

In addition to our traditional textbook curriculum, Phoenix offers Ed2020 online learning for most classes. 

If you meet the requirements of enrolling in Adult School, you can concurrently take classes while enrolled in

the Phoenix Independent Study program.

Phoenix also offers concurrent enrollment in Career and Technical Education (ROP) courses, PE and GED Prep.

icon Educational Options - Online,CTE, Adult Ed, PE, GED and more

Phoenix Independent Study delivers GUHSD curriculum for students in an individualized manner.  The intent of the I.S. program is to provide courses towards graduation while helping students earn credits, regain confidence, and improve self-esteem.  Independent Study is seen as a temporary departure from the traditional high school setting.  Approximately 80% will transition out of I.S. in a school year, after their individual needs for this educational alternative have been met.  Students may return to the traditional setting, receive diplomas, transfer to Adult School, or move out of the district.
Historical Background
Independent Study was designed and implemented in 1979 to bring students back into the system and allow them to continue their education towards graduation.  I.S. courses were created to meet the credit needs of this initial group.  Curriculum was then, and is now, continually refined and expanded to align with GUHSD goals and CA State Standards.  This program was named “Phoenix” after the fabled bird that destroyed itself in fire and rose from the ashes to live again.
Location Parameters

Phoenix Independent Study classes are located at Grossmont, El Cajon Valley,  El Capitan, Granite Hills, and West Hills.  Students take one subject at a time and complete a minimum of twenty hours of course work at home each week.  I.S. students have scheduled weekly appointments to receive instruction, review completed work, turn in assignments, and be assessed.  Appointments range from one to two hours.

GED Prep is located at Chaparral High School.  These students have scheduled weekly meetings and are assessed upon entry.  Based upon these test results, length of time projected to attend, age and goals, a program of study is agreed upon.  Students must pass GED subject area simulation exams or repeat that portion of study.



Referral Process
Phoenix Independent Study accepts students from all eleven campuses.  Site administrators and counselors make recommendations for placement in I.S.  The Phoenix Intake Coordinator, located at Chaparral, is contacted to determine eligibility.  Parental approval is necessary.  Referred students, with a parent, must attend the Independent Study Orientation prior to placement.